29 Jan

The Creator Of Lime Crime Doe Deere – Not Intimidated By Fashion Norms

The creative mind and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics Doe Deere, won’t back down when it comes to wearing what others might consider to be “Fashion Don’ts.” The industrial genius slash fashionista goes to bat when it comes to fighting to uphold diversity in clothing, hair, and makeup choices. As a colorful model of her own products, Deere has been known for mixing florals with prints, soft blouses with wash worn blue jeans, and for breaking every fashion rule in the book. She believes that a person’s age should not define the color spectrum that they are allowed to wear. In fact it’s possible that you might catch Doe Deere in ads herself donning Mermaid Blue hair, stone cold hard red lipstick, eye popping pink eye shadow, and Hello Kitty colored clothing. Somehow she manages to coordinate it all with a sort of chaotic perfection.

In fact, when it comes to the quote, unquote the so-called rules of regular makeup trends, safe hair styles, and age appropriate clothes, you’d be amazed at what Doe Deere’s prescription for pretty and acceptable is. Most of us know that the general consensus for adults is wearing modest, muted tones, however Deere has chosen to go another route. She actually suggests that no matter what generation you were born in, you should dive into the deep when it comes to use of color – whether it’s for your head, body, or face – as long as you arrange it all harmoniously.

With regard to mixing patterns she says, “The more the merrier.” Deere believes that combing different print patterns is fun. Some of the most famous clothing designers in the world have pulled off undeniable, the best and most uncommon mismatches ever, so her advise isn’t far off the mark.

Part of the inspiration for Doe Deere’s almost surprisingly un-cataclysmic, fashion ideas could stem from her having origins in Russia. If you know anything about Russian history, you know that there were great and horrendous events that shaped the art, writing, and film culture there. Soviet Montage, Surrealism, Expressionism, and Avante Garde forms of art have deeps roots that were caused by World Wars. It could very well be said of the Lime Crime Cosmetics line, that it is a form of art – a way for Next Generation consumers of beauty products to express themselves facially, and for old fashioned users to come out of their shells.

When asked what her motivation for creating Lime Crime was, Doe insists that a lack of bold colors is why she decided to design products that had a broader spectrum of color. Lime Crime, launched in 2008, was born out of a desire for freedom of expression.

Lime Crime has an assortment of glittery shadows and lipsticks with diverse tints and tones, that go from warm pinkish hues all the way to cold black. One thing that is certain with this line of cosmetic products – purchasers are sure to have a wide variety to choose from.

31 Dec

Get A Month Of Free Service When Signing Up For FreedomPop

FreedomPop has a great deal that no one will want to miss. Those who choose to purchase a smartphone that FreedomPop cells will not only get a great phone that’s name brand, but they’ll also get a free month of service. The service will include unlimited talk and text as well as one gigabyte of data. This deal can beat any carrier out there, especially since the regular price of unlimited service is only $20 after the free month of service is up.

A person who talks on the cell phone a lot would never be able to use a limited amount of minutes. Some people find themselves doing everything with their cell phones, and any question they may have will require their cell phone to answer the question. Maybe the person wants to know what time a show is starting, so they’ll call a friend to ask them the question. The person can simply look up the information on the Internet, or maybe even refer to their tv guide, but a talkative person may find a million reasons to use their cell phone throughout the day.

Teenagers are one of the most talkative persons when it comes to cell phones, and they can easily use many minutes within a day. For some reason, teenagers can find themselves calling every friend they have, and they may spend several hours at a time talking on the phone with a certain friend. If a teenager has a limited cell phone plan, then talking on the phone for hours may end up driving their bill through the roof. Every cell phone plan is different, and there are still limited cell phone plans that only allow a certain amount of talk time, text messages, and data on the cell phone each month.

Those that are stuck on an unlimited plan may find themselves with a scary bill each month, especially if they have a teenager that tends to want to talk to everyone in the world on their cell phone. It’s a good idea to get a cell phone plan that’s unlimited, even if the data slows down after a certain amount has been used. Unlimited cell phone plans are very helpful for those who like to use their cell phones a lot, whether it’s to text someone, talk to someone, or to go onto the Internet to find information. FreedomPop is a great company that offers unlimited cell phone service, and the price is the best out there today.

13 Nov

Urbana Teams Up With Youth to Protect Nature with Earth Force

Earth Force Inc is Jon Urbana’s latest philanthropic endeavor as the Next Level Lacrosse Camp owner once again reaches out to the youths of today’s world in an effort to combine responsibility with appreciation in regards to our natural world. Hoping to instill in the young a sense of duty and wonder at the natural beauty around them, Earth Force strives for the care of the natural world with an emphasis on appreciating and caring for one’s local environment.

This is not the first time Jon Urbana has teamed up with the young through Facebook and other social media channels. Located in Colorado, he regularly works with today’s youth at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a camp he co-founded and owns. Jon is a former lacrosse player himself, having previously played for the Villanova Wildcats.

An active Instagram supporter of protecting animals as well as keeping the earth and the environment clean, he is currently in the process of raising money for the Animal and Adoption Society (ARAS), a no-kill animal shelter that primarily focuses on cats and kittens.

As well as being an avid supporter of animals and nature, Jon is also an avid airman and was recently recognized in the Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Certification Database. This prestigious honor is awarded only to candidates who have met the high educational, medical, and licensing standards put in place by the FAA. 

Jon has full faith in the ability of our young people and had this to say on the Go-Fund-Me website for Earth Force Inc: “I have the pleasure of working with our youth on a regular basis. I’m continually impressed by the level of care and commitment shown by our campers for a clear environment.”

He also made a video to spearhead this effort, which resulted in a bunch of positive feedback from his Vimeo followers.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Follow Jon Urbana on twitter (@jonurbana1) to keep up with the developments of Earth Force Inc, ARAS, and more.

20 Oct

Chicagoan Business Leaders

Chicago forms one of the most advancing and diverse markets in the United States of America. With each passing year, numerous new businesses are launched but only a few can be successful. Few companies survive the turmoil and economic recessions. This success amounts to the careful and strategic dedication and hard work. On average, most Chicago businesses attained incredible success by the end of 2014. This year is also looking promising to most of them, and that is according to Silicon Valley Bank yearly survey on economic innovation outlook. The growth of business success is expected to increase toward the end of this year.

The Chicagoan business leaders maintain a well-organized outfit and from the members of the several business connotations and associations such as The Magnificent Mile Associations. This organization held its last annual meeting at Westin Chicago North River on the 6th of Feb 2015. This meeting attracted the top Chicago marketing and business leaders to celebrate a century of success. This was a celebration that saw an induction of new leaders and the recognition of new leaders. The ecosystem in Chicago has recognition by the outline of new marketing strategies and methods. This introduction is important because it gives access to funding openings from investors. Employee retention is also an achievement through enhancement of product perception, training opportunities and salary increment dedicated on their individual growth. Developing talent and engineering is, however, the primary challenge.

In the last couple of years, businesses in Chicago have experienced a revolution in terms of gender equality. A good number of ladies now receive the chance to be executive officers and board members as compared to the previous years. The sum of holding seats as supervisors and manager positions has been on the upward trend. The Chicago Business Journal of women devotes to recognizing and celebrating women business front-runners, and it is creating a platform that will attract more fruitful and innovative women. Chicago marketing and business leaders has faced challenges I drawing serious financiers. This has made then not to compete at equal levels with the likes of North California that attracts numerous investors.

Majeed Ekbal is a gifted, skillful and versatile man with an experience ranging decades working as an executive and entrepreneur. He pursued his undergraduate education in Washington D.C. He currently lives in Windy City. Majeed founded a company known as Expresso that deals in providing admirable grocery shopping familiarity. This firm buys food items for clients and delivers within a specified period. He owned an overseas investment company before venturing into grocery. He is currently the brand and client relations manager of Razorfish, which is a marketing firm.

26 Sep

S’well Keeps People From Drinking So Much Bottled Water


It is great for a new brand when they are able to be advertised by a bigger brand, such as Starbucks, and Sarah Kauss has to be very proud of what she has done with her brand, S’well, because of Starbucks taking notice of it.
According to what was said in the article published on Fast Company, Sarah Kauss created her water bottle brand because she was tired of carrying around a water bottle that was just not all that pretty. And, not just that, but she was concerned about what others were doing in drinking bottled water all of the time, and the effect that that would have on the environment. According to Wikipedia, Sarah Kauss took $30,000 of her own money and started up a water bottle brand that does things differently. She created a beautiful design for the bottles, and now even Starbucks has taken notice of the bottles and what the founder of S’well wanted to do with them.
Sarah Kauss can be proud of herself for the work that she has done in creating these water bottles. Because, thanks to her, less people will be using bottled water all of the time, and that will be better for both the environment and their health.
17 Sep

Organo Gold Moving to Turkey

Organo Gold has provided North America with some of the best teas, coffees and chocolate beverages over the last several years. The company uses only the finest ingredients and wants to make sure customers experience something truly unique and desirable, no matter what flavor or product they consume. As the company has grown in the United States and Canada, it has started to eye opening up other branches in different corners of the globe. So, recently, CEO Bernardo Chua announced the plans to move a new branch to Turkey. Some might wonder what the significance of Turkey is over other European destinations such as the United Kingdom or France, but Turkey makes sense in many different ways.

Bernardo Chua has been the head of Organo Gold since its inception. He wanted to help give the very best products in the world to people in the world. In order to do this, he decided that he would travel the world, sampling different products until he found items that would satisfy the taste buds of people in every corner of the globe. Now, with Organo Gold, he has proven successful with his plan in the United States and in Canada, but his goal is not just to give products to North America, but to the rest of the world. That is why he has set his sights on Turkey.

So what is the significant importance of Turkey. Well, Turkey saw the creation of the very first coffee house. From there, the love of coffee and publicly drinking the beverage has spread the world over. However, in a pure business perspective, Turkey opens up really the rest of the world. It is the gateway between Europe and Asia. Setting up shop in Turkey allows Organo Gold to move in either or both directions as it stretches out, providing its beverages throughout the world. Turkey is also one of the largest coffee and tea drinking cultures in the entire world. This means it is both difficult to break into the crowd based in the competition, but if it is able to break into the country, it could prove to be a whirlwind of successful potential. From there, the company has the ability to go just about anywhere and to expand quickly throughout the rest of the world.

Organo Gold is taking its company and opening a new branch in Turkey. This should prove to be a wise decision.

17 Sep

North American Spine the Leaders of Invasive Spine Care

Those that suffer from back or neck problems may look towards acupuncturists, chiropractors, and even massage therapists but they are usually minor or short term fixes to a long term, and possibly, recurring problem. This is usually when a doctor consultation is needed or suggested. Such discussions usually lead to the topic of spinal surgery if all other methods, earlier mentioned, have been exhausted. North American Spine reviews make it plain to see that they are revolutionizing their industry. Their main focus is on non invasive or minimally invasive spinal surgery and the way they do this is with laser procedures. One of these procedures is called AccuraScope which effectively manages majority of spinal pain whether it is centered in the lower back or is more of a thoracic centered pain.

A minimal list of the conditions North American Spine handles is: sciatica, scoliosis, ruptured disc, chronic back pain, facet disease, and herniated disc. As mentioned earlier the AccuraScope treatment plan is used for a whole variety of ailments but if that isn’t what’s needed or if patients are comfortable with that procedure there are many other types to choose from including the less or non invasive procedures referred to in the beginning like massage therapy. Some ailments can also be treated by steroid injections. These types of injections would be inserted as an epidural and they are frequent with someone who has arthritis of the spine. If a somewhat invasive procedure is needed North American Spine always makes sure that their patient is absolutely comfortable and fully informed of their options. If physical therapy or chiropractic care isn’t doing the trick North American Spine’s other serious procedures would be a possible spinal fusion or even open spine surgery.

If back or neck pain is affecting day to day activities don’t hesitate to consult a doctor or simply shrug it off. There could be an underlying problem and knowing that companies such as North American Spine are around will definitely make the journey to a healthy back well worth it. They are attuned to all their patients needs and don’t treat them as customers, more like family. They inform you on every possible procedure, they make sure to exhaust every option before going down the serious road of invasive surgery. They truly care about their patients and it’s a great comfort to know the health of someone’s spine is in great care. Always remember that they are here.

17 Sep

Boraie Development Offers High Quality Services At The Aspire


Boraie Development will be opening its leasing office for the Aspire. The Aspire is a 17-story luxury high rise which is only steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station. This building will be the first of its kind in the area. The 238 apartments are quite spacious, with a well-appointed studio, and they are delivered in a modern setting. The residents of the building will be able to get the service and lifestyle that they actually expect and deserve. They will enjoy the amenity of a top class restaurant and retail center in the central New Jersey.

According to Boraie Development Vice President, Mr. HiamBoraie, The Aspire will offer residents very good services, which will include a 24 hour doorman and reliable on site management and maintenance .They will also have a garage that has direct elevator service to the lobby.

The building has a selection of floor plans that are featuring 9- to 10-foot ceilings. Some units in the apartments have private terraces and balconies. Every single unit has a very good view of the downtown.

In the bathrooms inside the residence, they all have porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tile around the tubs and showers. They also have designer fixtures. Every unit in the building is wired for cable television. The residents who will be residing here will enjoy high speed Internet and a top class gas-powered heating system which will greatly reduce the winter heating bills.

The Aspire gives its potential residents a modern design apartment that has a luxury lounge area which is fitted with a classic catering kitchen, dining table that can accommodate 12 people, and many more other features..
Residents staying in the Aspere will have a modern classic fitness center. The center will be open throughout the day, and will have the best training equipment available in the market today. The amenities charges will be included in the monthly rent.

The Aspire’s management system will allow the tenants to pay their rent online, receive any messages that are about deliveries and visitors, and other important information.

The company responsible for this construction is known as the Boraie Development. The company has been in existence for over three decades now, and it has greatly helped in enhancing the urban communities located in New Jersey.

The company has its urban investment strategy that usually involves investing in urban areas which are believed to have some intrinsic value through the redevelopment activities. These great efforts go into the development of the commercial, retail establishments, residential properties mixed-use properties among others.Boraie Development is also known for offering property management services to the community. These include leasing, accounting and maintenance. The company prides itself for having managed to bring such a building in the city.

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16 Sep

Lawsuit Against Snygenta’s GMO Corn Strains

Lawsuits have been issued against Syngenta, a Swiss-based agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds. In these lawsuits, it is argued that Syngenta made billions of dollars selling genetically modified corn strains to US farmers, despite knowing that these corn strains would have a negative effect on farmers.

Syngenta failed to obtain import approval from China for the two specific strands of corn. Usually, US farmers will not plant seeds without the seeds having prior approval in other major international markets. However, Syngenta lied to US farmers by claiming that China would approve the strains within a matter of days. China never did this. In 2013, China refused to accept any corn grown from that strain, which created extreme difficulties in the market.

Syngenta responded to the lawsuits, saying that they believe “the lawsuits are without merit.”

A legal team headed by Mikal Watts has spearheaded the lawsuits against Syngenta. Watts and his team aim to “recover the ongoing financial damages by Syngenta’s actions.” He notes that thousands of farmers have already filed lawsuits against Syngenta in 20 states and also in federal courts. Watts urges other farmers who have been impacted by Syngenta’s bad business practices to join the lawsuit.

Watts and his team have a strong background in handling agricultural lawsuits like the current Syngenta case. Watts negotiated one of the first two settlement agreements with Bayer Crop Sciences, which led to a $750 million settlement for US rice farmers. In that case, Bayer Crop Sciences, much like Syngenta, introduced a non-approved strain of GMO rice into the US. Based on the success of the Bayer case, Watts and his team believe that the current lawsuit against Syngenta will have an equally positive outcome.

15 Sep

Andy Wirth Believes The Reno Area Can Benefit From The Clean Power Plan

Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO and President Andy Wirth is probably best known to the general public for his amazing survival story after a skydiving accident, but he has now used his position to explain the benefits he sees in California’s Clean Power Plan. Wirth came to national attention when he published an open letter to the rock band Pearl Jam detailing the assistance their music had been in keeping him alive after he was blown off course and into a vineyard during a skydive. After returning to his position at Squaw Valley following his rehabilitation from the accident, Wirth has become a campaigner for many environmental and charitable causes in and around the Reno and Olympic Valley areas.

After local officials in Reno decided to accept the details of the Clean Power Pland and begin the switchover to cleaner energy sources Wirth took to the Reno Gazette-Journal to show his support for the program. Wirth has explained in his article that in his opinion there is no time to lose in bringing the plan into force and developing new energy sources, which emit fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Many of the environmental problems facing California are linked to the use of fossil fuels, in the eyes of Andy Wirth, which include the historic drought and regular wildfires that have negatively affected the state.

Andy Wirth believes there are little to no negative effects for the Reno and Olympic Valley areas in signing up for the Clean Power Plan. The environment the tourist industry in the area will benefit in the view of Wirth as a high level of air quality will follow and be accompanied by a healthier environment for residents and visitors. The adoption of the Clean Power Plan will also have a positive effect on the economy of the Reno area and the state as a whole, which will see a growth in the alternative energy industry that will become an important employer across the state.