20 May

Why Kyle Bass Is Predicting Economic Downturn

Many are surprised at Kyle Bass’ remarks during a Q & A at SALT 2016. Bass likened the market of today to that which was prevalent in 2007 between March and April, just 18 months before America’s economic collapse. Other financiers involved in the same Q & A were reticent to fully endorse Bass’ views. Some did, but not all. One gentleman pointed out there were four main economic indicators pertaining to a bear market, and none of those four indicators were present in the contemporary market. He seemed to think things were in a sort of equilibrium. Bass countered by pointing out the establishment of a financial bubble is a clear indicator of a future bear market. He cited in reference fixed-income bubbles, as well as China. China, according to Bass, has regularly been involved in the same kind of poor lending practices America was involved in prior the collapse. Since China has grown into the economic juggernaut it has, Bass believes that its collapse will definitely affect the United States. He may very well be right; but for what reasons?

Kyle Bass has very close ties to socialist despot of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. While de Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in only 13 years, Bass does nothing but sing her praises. Is he a stooge of de Kirchner’s, or does he himself have socialistic leanings which drive his economic pursuits? According to socialism, a worldwide revolution is coming. It is the duty of the socialist to foster this revolution. Kyle Bass regularly makes a living by attacking big-business and governmental interests. He hit the ground running when he predicted the 2008 financial crisis; but then his ability to do that was somewhat tied with his previous employer, the first bank to collapse when Bass’ news tip filtered through a journalist into the mainstream media. Finally, Bass regularly makes money with CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which is a special interest group ostensibly humanitarian, but realistically a pawn Bass uses to force declination in pharmaceutical stock with which he has holdings that he can short sell and make millions.

11 May

Why Madison Street Capital is Different

Madison Street Capital is not only working to create a difference in investment banking, but also, the bank has shown exceptional levels of philanthropy. In an effort to make a difference and improve the well-being of the Society, Madison Street Capital has been actively involved in charity work as well. It has been working with various charity communities within the USA and globally. The United Way is one of those organizations that have been partnering with the bank.

United Way

United Way is based in Alexandria and Virginia; it works with partners to create a national drive that works to improve the lives of the people. Their principal interest is to attempt to resolve biting issues and create positive change in the society. This is done through partnering with schools, governments’ agencies, business communities, financial institutions and volunteer groups.


Since its inception, the bank has tremendously grown to offer excellent investment banking solutions both locally and internationally. The staff is excellent; its professionals have diverse experience in providing practical investment banking solutions tailored to meet individual needs. It has a proven track record as the ultimate investment banking solution to private investors, government agencies, multinational corporations and other financial institutions.

Madison Street Capital offers a broad range of services. Some of the services the bank offers include: middle market investment banking, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, and (M&A) advisory for the Hedge Fund. Also, the bank provides financial opinion services, valuation for financial reporting, private equity services, and restructuring services.

The bank has been of excellent service to business owners; it has been helping them obtain acquisitions. For those seeking to sell a business, or looking for a perfect exit strategy and matters of corporate governance, the bank has been of great benefit to them. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago Illinois. It has branch offices in North American Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital, therefore, has the expertise, technical know-how and a healthy customer working relationship to match today’s investment banking needs. Furthermore, the bank has a philanthropic spirit to make the world a better place economically and socially.

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07 May

Wen By Chaz

If Wen is something that you have never heard of, it is basically a cleansing conditioner, that are mainly an all-in-one, with conditioner, shampoo, and styling treatment included in just one convenient bottle. The thing that this company on wen.com is proud of and boast about is that their products have the potential to work with any type hair, this depending of course on which of the formulas that the client is trying. As with any product there are risk that come with this product, but this is just part of it. From the article review on facebook, the individual stated that Wen Cleansing Conditioner was a great product if the individual has fine hair.

What make’s the Wen Cleansing Conditioner so unique is it’s 5-in-1 formula, this taking the place of any other hair supplies that you may have laying around your bathroom. Instead of dealing with the lather or even the harsh sulfates that can be found in normal hair products, the cleansing conditioner on sephora.com helps without these two downsides. You don’t have to worry about your hair being stripped of it’s natural oils, and it is left with moisture, strength and manageable. With this product, there has been a three week perception study in the sweet almond mint conditioner. Some of the ingredients that are included in WEN include Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract and Panthenol, each having it’s specific benefit. Along with the cleansing conditioner you can also purchase a boost, which is like a mousse that will help in giving your hair the shine, volume and soft touch that is desired. And it also includes a style creme that helps to protect against breakage in just one use, and just get’s stronger when exposed to heat or styling stress on https://chazdean.com/store.aspx, and a intensive hair treatment is also used to give the client the moisturized and softened hair look that they desire. Creator, Chaz Dean said he created WEN Cleansing Conditioners in the hope of giving the clients that use it the hair that they have always dreamed of.

13 Apr

Fabletics And Elite Daily Discuss Better Swimwear For Women

The Fabletics swimwear line is the newest part of what they are doing, and it is the thing that is going to make them most popular with women. Women are trying to make sure that they are going to look great in a swimsuit, and the only way they can make sure that they will look great in something that goes to the gym or to the beach.

Women want to look sexy in their swimsuits, but that does not mean that they have to wear something that feels so utilitarian that it would only work at the gym.

There are great suits that women can wear, and there are wonderful suits that are going to make them feel beautiful even if they are at the gym.

Due to his Facebook wall that says is really important because no woman wants to feel like a sweaty beast at the gym, but women do not want to wear a string bikini at the gym. Fabletics need to get something that rides the line, and they need to have something that will look great either at the gym or at the beach.

Fabletics is riding the line between the two, and it is something that Kate Hudson would be happy to be photographed in. That is something that is going to be stylish for the women who need style, but it is still going to look great when they want to tan at the beach. Sunning at the beach is really easy for women who want to wear just one suit, and that is going to make it easy for these women to get dressed for the gym.

They do not have a lot of time to spend on getting ready, and they do not want to look lazy when they get dressed. There are some people who are going to want to get into these suits to look great, or they can get into these suits to work out. The whole process needs to be easy for women, and it needs to make them look good. There is no reason to have a thousand diva changes when Fabletics has the perfect suits for the gym and the beach.

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08 Apr

Doe Deere Picks up Alternative Crowd

When it came to money, Doe Deere, may have not had a lot of cash to start her cosmetics business, but she has something else. She had the insight to know that she was developing a brand that would get the attention of many people through online resources.

Music and movies have already become something that has transitioned from many physical stores to the Internet. The sale of make up on the Internet appears to be one of the next big things for independent companies that avoid the department stores. Lime Crime is a brand that has managed to avoid the department stores and still become a huge hit on the web.

Doe Deere has showing off her excellent marketing skills, and she has developed a brand that has a fan base that knows how to stay in touch with her product line. They know that they won’t be seeing this brand in magazines or on department store shelves, but they are insightful enough to know where Doe Deere is going to give her next updates about her new makeup.

Many people will say that this is the concept that has made this brand of makeup so appealing. Different flavors of makeup that are presented by Doe Deere is like a cool mix tape that is circulating on the web. Only the true music fans are aware of this mix. It is in the same way that only the true makeup lovers are going to be aware of this brand and what it provides. It has become the type of company that has a strong following, but women that are buying makeup in stores may not discover this.

This is the type of thing that Doe Deere thrives on. This has become a company that is able to do a lot more than some of the other bigger companies can do. A large part of this has to do with the fact that this brand represents an alternative brand of make up.

There are always going to be a lot of teenagers that are interested in going against the norm. They are not going to want to wear what everyone else is wearing, and Lime Crime fits neatly into this thinking outside of the box experience.

People that are interested in a brand that has evolved into one of the most creative cosmetic companies will be thrilled with Lime Crime.

31 Mar

Skout Helps Feed the Community on National Potato Chip Day

Executive Director of SF-Marin Food Bank Director Paul Ash cited the gap between income and expenses as the top reason why people end up going hungry. In the San Francisco and Marin are there are tens of thousands of people that go hungry from time to time. That is why a new partnership from Skout will be a great way to address the problem.

Skout, the global networking and dating app, has already conquered the global market reaching 180 countries and available in 16 different languages. It uses GPS location to help people find others who are nearby that have similar interests making it a lot easier to meet new people in a new city. Or simply meet new people outside of your social circle in your hometown.

The company is now using its app for good to help feed those in its hometown of San Francisco and the nearby community of Marin. One of the most popular features on Skout is the ability to send virtual gifts to those you like. Users can chat, browse profiles, and send these virtual gifts as a sign of affection or friendship.

According to PR Newswire, to tie in with National Potato Chip day, Skout will offer users the chance to send the virtual gift of potato chips. For every bag of potato chips that is purchased Skout will donate cash to the SF-Marin Food bank until enough has been raised to feed 20,000 people.

Christian Wilklund, the CEO and co-founder of Skout stated that they are happy to use their virtual gifting function to help give back to the community. He added that it is one of the most popular features of the app and they love to take any opportunity to give back to the community of San Francisco.

Skout has partnered in the past with SF-Marin Food Bank to help feed those in the community. Last year they celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day and were able to donate enough to feed 10,000 people. For more on this story check out the original article here.

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11 Mar

Doe Deere Makes Her Own Fashion Rules

If you’re a fan of fashion and beauty magazines, you likely look forward to the September issues every year. Each September, the leaders in style give their predictions for upcoming trends, and tell us what’s fashionable for the upcoming season. However, if you’re a leader and trendsetter in your own right, you like to make your own rules when it comes to how you dress and wear your makeup.

If you’re pretty outgoing when it comes to style, chances are you’ve heard of Doe Deere. She’s the CEO of Lime Crime, a makeup company that she named in honor of her favorite color (lime green). Deere is known for her outgoing fashion sense and brightly colored makeup, and offers some advice for people who want to show off their personal style without having to follow a bunch of rules.

One of the rules Deere likes to break is wearing vivid colors on her eyes and lips at the same time. Most makeup artists advise against wearing a bold lip with a smokey eye. But Doe, who is also a makeup artist, says that it’s perfectly fine to play up your eyes and lips simultaneously. The products at Lime Crime include forest green and wine-colored eye shadows, as well as neon lipsticks, which is an indication that Doe Deere definitely doesn’t shy away from color.

Doe also says that it’s OK to mix up patterns. She often wears a variety of patterns, which adds texture to an outfit and makes it more interesting. She’s also a fan of socks with open-toed shoes, which has long been thought of as a fashion faux pas.

Deere encourages people to wear bright colors and “bright” hair at the same time as well. She often dyes her tresses in bold shades of blue, green and pink, and says there’s nothing wrong with adding color to an outfit to coordinate with your hair. Most fashion experts say that you should wear muted colors or black when your hair is dyed an unnatural color, but Doe says there’s no need to follow that rule.

Overall, Doe Deere wants people to feel completely comfortable and empowered with their beauty choices. She emphasizes this with her Lime Crime brand, and even offers suggestions for how to wear her makeup on the company website.

09 Mar

Dr. Jennifer Walden Stands Among The Finest Doctors In Texas

The top doctors in Texas offer amazing services to their patients, and every patient walks away from their appointments feeling better about themselves. Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a career on TV and radio as an amazing plastic surgeon who offers women an opportunity to find their inner diva. The inner diva of every woman is hiding under a body that may have been battered by pregnancy, injury and age. This article explains how Dr. Walden offers the best service to her patients in Texas.

#1: Dr. Walden Has Helped Create Surgical Options For Women

Dr. Walden has helped create surgical options for women that are revolutionary in their scope. She has ensured that women will may change the shape of their bodies, alter the shape of their labia or change the contouring of a part of their body that has been impacted by age or injury. Dr. Walden recommends unique surgeries when necessary, and she offers women the chance to become the first patients to receive a new treatment.

#2: Why Is Dr. Walden’s Office The Perfect Place To Go?

Dr. Walden’s office is a vision of relaxation, and there are many women who are so nervous that they must relax in the office. The office is a great place for friends and family to come to support patients, and the office has a large recovery area that helps keep patients comfortable after a procedure.

#3: Are There Non-Surgical Options?

Non-surgical options are available in Dr. Walden’s office, and she may prescribe a non-surgical treatment over a surgical treatment. Some women may be afraid to go through surgery, and Dr. Walden will help women get the results they desire by using different tactics. Dr. Walden is open to all options for her patients, and she helps patients to come to a decision that works for them.

The offices of Dr. Jennifer Walden moved from New York to Austin, Texas for the sake of family, and she helps women find their inner diva. She is a brilliant surgeon who has been featured on media around the world, and she offers women their inner diva back.

11 Feb

The Amazing Support of QNET to the Chennai Flood Efforts

QNET has been known around the world as one of the leading pioneers in the field of Asian e-commerce. They have been a crucial contributor to the Chennai flood relief efforts. QNET was recently able to give disaster relief kits to 200 families in Chennai. These 200 families had their homes washed away and these relief kits really helped to aid them in their recovery process. These kits included sheets, mats, cookware, and other basic household items. 

QNET has been a shaker and mover in the Asian markets for a good deal of time now. Their e-commerce based business offers life enhancing products to distributors in over 100 countries. With operations in 3 major offices, this company is centrally focused on a very global approach to business. This global approach has led them to a great deal of their success that they have achieved today. 

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, February 11, 2016

QNET is also very active when it comes to sports sponsorships. With their sponsorship of football teams, badminton teams, and more you can see that QNET understands the amazing qualities that sports can bring to the world. 

IBC World News has reported that QNET has teamed up with Lion’s Club International for various humanitarian causes. One of the main focuses of QNET internationally is to help the homeless and destitute. This is a need that they are doing an incredible job filling in the Asian region and worldwide. QNET stands firm as not only one of the leaders of direct selling in Asia, but as a leader in philanthropy as well.

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08 Feb

The Liquor Industry Gains A Major Investor In Dick DeVos

The AmWay executive Dick DeVos has been seeking to build his business empire in recent years through his Windquest Group company. The latest acquisition of Windquest had gone largely unnoticed until the liquor production license for Michigan’s Coppercraft Distillery was transferred to Windquest and given initial approval. Coppercraft is a well known name in Michigan and neighboring states for being a popular producer of craft liquor, including gin and rum. MLive reports Coppercraft founder Walter Catton III had actively been seeking investment to allow the company to grow into new areas.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a well known name in the national consciousness, and at state level for the charitable works undertaken in the name of the married couple. At a national level the DeVos family has been looking to provide backing for many of the most famous arts based charities, such as the Kennedy Center for the Arts. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has recently been seen to provide funding for the latest fund raising activities of the Kennedy Center that includes new programs and an expansion of the building.

Providing philanthropic funding for many different charities requires a successful business life to have been achieved, which Dick has in his work in and out of the AmWay company. Wikipedia reports DeVos took control of AmWay’s work in around 18 countries in the mid 1980s, over the course of the next decade the income from the countries under the control of DeVos leaped from five percent to 50 percent. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html

Understanding the business world is a skill Dick DeVos will bring to the future of Coppercraft Distillery as the company seeks to complete the ambitious expansion plans of the founder of the liquor producer. Dick DeVos and wife Betsy continue their investment in the state of Michigan with the purchase of Coppercraft, which should be completed in the next six months as state officials will look to approve the liquor license under the Windquest name.

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